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Made for RMN's Twisted Fairy Tales event.  The game was developed between October 1 -30th, with... some days probably missing.

Do Us Part is a short puzzle adventure game where the player controls the newlywed Margerita in exploring the estate of her new, somehow very rich, husband. Of course, a normal, peaceful marriage would not make an exciting fairy tale or game, so things do not go as expected. People might've gone missing in this mansion before. Spooky things might happen. Someone might die. Who knows! Margerita doesn't, otherwise surely she wouldn't be in this position in the first place.

The game is loosely based upon How the Devil Married Three Sisters, with an emphasis on loosely.


  • 15+, probably
  • (pixel) blood and gore
  • (pixel) body horror and mutilation of corpses & the dead

Scare factor, however, is fairly mild.

Install instructions

Requires the RPGMaker XP RTP to play.  Download that [HERE].

Other than that, unzip the file and run the .exe and you're good to go.

If you're experiencing an error where no text appears inside the boxes, be sure to install the font included with the ZIP.  If it persists, it may be due to your PC's language settings.  Use AppLocale to switch it to an English setting (or... switch your entire locale to English if you're more powerful than me...)  I apologize for the inconvenience and will do better to choose fonts in the future!


Do Us Part.zip 18 MB
Do Us Part - Español

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