A downloadable game for Windows

Ah, working with the public. That thing you have to do to pay the bills but it just kind of leaves you dead inside.

Unfortunately for Arcana, he is about to discover it can lead to literal death as well.

This is a very short (maybe 10 minutes at most) game made for the Horror Funhouse Jam 2017 using RPG Maker XP. All visual assets are made by me, heyo! SFX, music, and other are listed in the txt.

There's a good mix of assets created specifically for this jam and stuff from my current Very Big Project. Either way, I hope you enjoy!

Install instructions

Unzip, then run the .exe to decompress the game. From there, just run it!

Controls are standard RPG Maker. Arrows to move, x/esc to cancel + menu, space/enter/c to confirm.


Retail Hell.zip 29 MB


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Sounds interesting <3 I definitely have to check this out!

Pretty fun!

I t was a good game :)

Gave it a go...