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Even if the door is locked again, there's still much to see in the world.

This is a game in the style of Yume Nikki, developed initially (and hastily) for Dream Diary Jam 2017 and updated for Dream Diary Jam 2020.   It's little more than a polished prototype version in this state, but there's still stuff to check out!

Follow the young Elijah, or "Lie," for some reason, through the fissure in his bedroom wall.  ADAPT to your surroundings and see how they and the people(?) within them change... or stay the same.

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Tagsdreamdiaryjam, ynfg, yume-nikki-fangame


Fissure v0.01 24 MB

Install instructions

Run the .exe, then run the game file.   You need the RMVX Ace RTP.   Get that here!

Controls are RMVX Ace default.  Arrows to move, space/z to confirm, x to cancel and bring up the menu.  Further instruction is in the game.

Development log


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The stained glass nexus is absolutely fabulous! Also the room with the giant candle and bird is my favorite.

Thank you very much!  My initial nexus design was very sparse (literally just a black void h-haha) so I wanted to make it look nice.  I also had a lot of fun making that area.